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weight-loss-logo-300 (1)Are you looking to lose weight safely and effectively?  Our partner, Dr. Alex Roig, specializes in helping people accomplish their weight loss goals, regardless of their situation.   Some of the methods Dr. Alex uses in his medical weight loss plans are:

  • a structured fitness plan
  • a diet plan that isn’t impossible to follow
  • Phentermine
  • B-12
  • Sermorelin
  • other holistic techniques

Don’t confuse going to the gym with losing weight – there is a lot of misinformation out there about diets, exercise and weight loss and it can make it hard to get started.

Dr. Alex will become your #1 fan and will provide you the personal attention to help you exceed.  You can expect daily phone calls and text messages to ensure you’re heading in the right direction, each and every day.

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